Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Pelican Cases The legend In Ultimate Protection

The life of today’s generation is surrounded with some kinds of expensive gadget which might be a smart phone, digital camera or a laptop. To provide these equipment’s the finest protection one need the best only. Nowadays the market is flooded with many kinds of such items,  however it’s pretty important to know that cheap remake covers are not the right kind of safety for luxurious gadgets of yours.  It’s a variegated and invulnerable product which has become the indomitable favorite of people using it. To start with we must know what are the various advantages of having the Pelican cases.

Let us have an in-depth knowledge about the advantage of the protective cover first. They are –
* It’s a cover made of indestructible material.
* An extraordinary waterproof protection has been built by balancing pressure that helps in preventing water from entering the case.
* Its shock proof and scratch proof.
* The built-in resin foam pad protects the gadget from every accident and helps it to remain in its original position.
* Tough piece of item in catastrophic weather.
* Protector against various kind of vibrations.
* Interlock safety system makes it difficult for stealing purpose.
* Available in varied shapes and sizes for the packaging of gadgets. 
* Now let us also see the other part of it, what happens if one doesn’t use the protective cover for his expensive gadgets?
* Equipment’s  get exposed to harsh weather condition.
* Water  or any other kind of fluid may destroy the gadget.
* When your equipment is on a travel with you it may face scratches and shock, resulting in destruction.
* Minus a case its hard to store an expensive equipment with full protection.
* Chances of theft in the absence of a protective case.
Shipping cases
Protective Cases

Well the above points describe  the advantage of acquring a safety cover. Now the main question arise from  where one must buy the cover? To find it easily one may log into Pelicancases.ae for more pelican products that will guide you to buy the item according to your need. These grand measures has been designed to provide the finest safety for the ultimate protective cases for any kind of gadgets that are valuable. The ostentatious fleet of  pelican cases are going to take your breath away. Check it out today for more interesting facts.

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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Protective Cases For Various Mobile Gadgets

Protective cases

A mobile phone is  always very popular among youngsters nowadays. The simple mobile has now been replaced with smart phones, tablets and Phablets, Etc. People are spending amazing amount of money on the purchase of it, but everyone neglect the main part of a smart phone accessory that is the covering case. The market is flooded with various kinds of protective cases. Some are cheap yet some are very expensive. The question arises how one is going to recognize the correct cover to protect his or her mobile. Among many companies, one firm has been pretty famous because of it  case design itself.

Let’s interpret the design as follows:

>> Dust proof- The main feature of the case is that it’s the ultimate in dust proof. Whatever may be the weather your expensive, mobile won’t get exposed to any kind of dirt while its inside the cover.

>> Scratch proof- Whoever in whatever manner handles your device, be hundred percent sure ,your gadget will be scratch-free due its scratch proof design.

>> Water proof- Very often among friends, in party’s or due to negligence the gadget gets exposed to water, however the case won’t let it happen as it is absolutely waterproof.

>> Shock Proof- The mobile silped out of your hand, dropped by a friend, your niece threw it, don’t have a heart attack. It is very safe as it is inside the cover. It has the power to resist any kind of shock. So smile.

>> Perfect Locking- This case has the best gaurented locking in the whole wide world. Nothing can surpass the internal locking system.
Protective cases
Protective cases

So to incorporate your, smart phone with such a  protective thing is definitely going to keep you relaxed and happy. The next time any of your friend, family or boss is going to buy a phone do inform them about the new and unique protective cases that will hold their gadget into prime security. The sense of security is too good to be breached at any given point of time. It is a purchase worth the money. Buy it and leave all of your worries into the safe hand of the cover.

Author : +Chris Allen
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Monday, 7 October 2013

Safeguard Your Tablet With Pelican Tablet Backpack

pelican tablet backpack

Modern technology has given birth to the new set of compact computer, which is a tablet and it’s a huge craze nowadays as it is lightweight, easy to carry and pretty easy to operate with stylish look. Many carry it to their work, but still remain disturbed as they couldn’t find good and protective covers for it. Good news  ladies and gentlemen the pelican tablet backpack is here for your expensive tablet. It’s a backpack which designed to face the extreme condition, weather and situations. One can simply pack his/her tablet in it and can forget the rest.
pelican tablet backpack
pelican tablet backpack

The bag is impressively designed that it carries every connecting power cable of a tablet. The pro gear bag is efficient enough to protect the sensitive and delicate item. People like students, professionals, sports person and many more are happy with its shock proof service. It has the features like Built-In Watertight, Crush proof Case Top-loading, Fast Access TSA Ready and Under Seat Convenient, Sure Grip Soft Rubber Handle, Rigid Front Plate, Padded Lumbar Storage Cavity, Chest Clip and Removable Hip Belt, Floating Shoulder Straps and Lumbar Pad with Ergonomic Ventilated Back. All these fantastic features make the tablet keeping more safe. Security professionals, intelligence officers and military use these packs frequently as they opt out more for a rough field job and their vital informative device is damn protected in such a backpack. Whatever may be the version of tablet you are carrying, make it safer and long lasting with the use of this pack.

pelican tablet backpack
pelican tablet backpack
According to miss Natalie of U.S.A mountaineering ladies club, it is one of the best backpack she has ever gotten  for her tablet and she adores it like anything, as after each difficult trekking she captures her victory with her team members in her tablet even in the worst climate condition. Such is the power of a pelican tablet  backpack and millions are buying it to safegaurd their extravagant techno gadget. So people what are you waiting for,just go ahead and bring the new stronger backpack for your tablet today.

Author  : +Chris Allen

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Magical Pelican Cases For Safe Guarding Variant Products

Every single thing around us and we are also  protected by a shell as skin covers our bone and nerve system, so is the various uses of  many branded cases which used frequently to safeguard valuable products. Many firms or companys are manufacturing such cases, but pelican company is producing its pelican cases which are globally popular for its durability.

Positive Factors of Pelican Case- Products like laptop, camera, guns, medicine, surveillance and security based products and many more can be safely kept in pelican cases and it does   absorb shocks like water damage, dust and even rocking throws of products from one place to another. These cases are being sold with a guarantee and each of it are nearly indestructible - case. These items are more popular with the client because it is custom made.

The unique Advantage of pelican case- There are many advantages of a Pelican Case and here are some more points:

It is created from a Copolymer resin which withstands every kind of fall and damage.

* Eminent and customized design gives it an ultra modern look which satisfys the look    category.

* It has long secured latches which protects the valuable item inside it.

* A thick layer of excellent foam base inside supports and cushion products for any kind of shock.

* Pelican cases come with a lifetime guarantee.
* Cool colors and extensive design outshine any other protective case products.

The many sizes of Pelican case- These protective covers are available in many shape and sizes.
* The first one is the Micro case which holds valuable items like mobile phones, digital cameras, keys, wallets, and other items of the same size.

* The second one is the small cases which has more space compare to the Micro case. It also has an extra advantage of good foam padding. Items like small laptops, camera can be fitted into it very easily and these are made with extra shock absorption quality. 

* The medium case section holds laptop with all its accessories, a camera with all its lenses. It can also hold up a moderate first aid kit quite efficiently.

* The final section is the large case which carries military items as well as movie cameras with all its accessories. These large cases are so highly durable in its manufacturing that it help to bear shocks easily when it is being thrown from a helicopter to the bare ground during the need. 
All these various and exceptional factors has made pelican cases more magical, which is becoming the very first choice of every buyer.

Author  : +Chris Allen

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Monday, 23 September 2013

Unnamious Choice For Laptop Storage The Pelican Laptop Case

Pelican Laptop Cases

Aura Ville has bought herself the latest laptop for her daily based office job. She and her friend Rihanna has been thrilled to bits as they checked it out that same night. Aura was pleased to have picked the latest, but oh god she forgot to buy a laptop case. The next day after office she started to search for a good case, however, there were many laptop cases. Finally, from her extensive search she found out various types of pelican laptop cases. Aura was pretty happy as she bought a case for her new laptop. The case was affordable in price, quite smart in appearance and has a good color.
Pelican Laptop Cases
Pelican Laptop Cases

Similarly like Aura many of us find it difficult to choose a right cover box for our valuable item like a laptop. Therefore, among many manufacturing companies, the pelican case manufacturing firm is widely popular because it has a thirty- years of experience behind it. The cases are customized, dust proof, waterproof and shock absorbers. As the portable computer or laptop is a delicate valuable what could be a better storage option than the solid pelican case or box. It is a uniquely manufactured container made of molded plastic. These containers are very secure as they can be locked by using a gasket that is air tight and water tight. It is also uniquely designed with an internal foam padding which protects the goods from any kind of mishap. A long security base latch makes the safety parameter higher than ever. The cases are available in many form right from storing micro products to large ones. People from every walk of life relies on it during product shipment from one place to another. These storage containers of valuable items are very client friendly and it has been designed and upgraded each time according to the growing requirement of the clients.

So it is a major fact of today that pelican laptop cases have become the number one choice amongst people of today for their valuable items.

Author  : +Chris Allen

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Safegaurd Your Laptop From Every Hazard With Pelican Backpack

Pelican Backpack

The importance of information is immense for everyone and for this purpose millions of laptops are being sold every day to fulfil this requirement. As we all find the laptop easy to use, easy to carry and portable for office works, we do carry it around. Our laptop consists of each important detail, documents and information regarding our work and our organization. Many of us value this device completely and treat it with a lot of importance. Whenever we go out we face pollution, dust, grime and sometime rain or sometimes we all face with unprecedented road accidents. That moment we all realize the importance of a good quality laptop backpack, which saves it from bad weather, dust grim and god forbidden road mishaps. Therefore use a Pelican backpack for laptop.
Pelican Backpack
Pelican Backpack

The main feature of a backpack is to protect the laptop from any mishap as the bag is stronger and a person can quickly access its laptop compartment. It is made out of waterproof material. It is also lightweight to carry and keeps your portable computer inside the watertight and crush proof bag. Maintains a perfect climate inside the bag which keeps the laptop in a good condition. Travel becomes very easy with the Adjustable and Padded Shoulder Straps, Ventilated Mesh Back along with Lightweight Ergonomic Design and the Easy Access Balanced and rugged Top Grab Handle Backpack is equipped with a Concealed Water Bottle Pocket and the Laptop Compartment has a Removable Accessory Pouch for Convenience.
Pelican Backpack
Pelican Backpack

So all together the laptop backpack gives the user a complete protection from every travel problem. Whether your travel is short distance or long distance, the safety insurance of your portable computer is on. So don't worry your vital device is safe in the pelican backpack and it is the ultimate as far as the safety of your precious computer is concerned.

Author  : +Chris Allen